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It’s important for you to read every word you see on this page because after you do, it will be the beginning of you turning your life around and finding exactly what you’ve been looking for…A deep sense of fulfillment, purpose and clarity about not only who you are as a woman, but the direction of your life.

My name is Bre Wolfe and I specialize as a midlife crisis coach to women.

Why You Need To Pay Attention

As a woman who has experienced a midlife crisis I know the feelings associated with it all too well. The feelings of overwhelm, a loss of identity or purpose, feeling deep unhappiness or feelings of lack of direction, making it impossible to experience even small amounts of true joy during the day.

If these feelings aren’t dealt with you may find yourself seeking immediate gratification to make yourself feel better through means such as over eating, burring yourself in unfulfilling work, over committing, putting everyone else first, or even entertaining thoughts of escape by finding someone else.

You may already find yourself:

  • Overweight and unhappy with your body
  • Stressed and completely overworked
  • Drinking more than you really should
  • Compulsively spending money when you don’t really have it
  • Falling out of love with your spouse or considering cheating
  • Resenting your spouse or even your own children

If this continues you could eventually find yourself divorced, becoming emotionally abusive to yourself or others close to you and completely lacking any sense of self esteem or self worth. Your physical and emotional health with suffer along with all the relationships around you.

However when you can successfully move through a midlife crisis, you will find yourself stronger than you ever were before, more clear about the direction of your life and you will have the ability to be comfortable with all your emotions that come up over time. You’ll be more sure about yourself and grounded in your true core identity. And you’ll have the drive and focus you need to create the kind of life you really want to live!

The bottom line is when you begin the journey with me of rediscovering who you are, you’ll be more confident in your own skin than you ever have before. You’ll experience the joy of feeling purposeful, the happiness that comes from successful relationships and the abundant feelings of self-love. You’ll be able to achieve goals you set for yourself and you will live with authenticity, staying true to your deepest values.

The beauty is you already have all the answers to make this happen and I can support you in finding them.

What Is A Midlife Crisis And What Are The Signs?

A midlife crisis is where you find yourself with no direction in life, unfulfilled with your daily routine or without purpose. Someone who puts little thought into what they want, and more thought into taking care of others is more likely to experience a midlife crisis.

If you spend your days taking care of children, cooking, cleaning and even balancing a career, putting both the needs of your family and work before your own, you’re asking for trouble. If you have spent little time pursuing your individual interests and haven’t done anything to fulfill your own dreams, you may be in danger of experiencing a midlife crisis.

The signs of a midlife crisis can be very subtle but are very telling:

  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you beat yourself up constantly for not being more or doing better
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you sabotage yourself all the time and don’t know why and don’t know how to stop it
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you frequently feel empty inside and without purpose
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you find yourself frequently eating emotionally and bingeing to feel better about yourself (even if you feel worse after you do)
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you drink alcohol excessively to hide or temporarily escape from the reality of the situation or your feelings
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you over commit yourself in order to feel needed or wanted
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you find yourself constantly saying “yes” when deep down you know you need to say “no”
  • You may be experiencing a midlife crisis if you feel unsatisfied with your spouse but you’re not even sure why

What Can You Do About A Midlife Crisis?

First off, I want to acknowledge you because you’ve already taken the first step by showing up here to this site.

Your journey has already begun. I already know you’re clearly looking to shed all of your feelings of frustration, hopelessness and overwhelm and trade them in for clarity, purpose and peace. I’m here to support you in obtaining those positive feelings while coaching you on how to use the negative emotions to your advantage.

You’re not alone. Together we can move you through these feelings of overwhelm and frustration and discover a whole new fresh perspective on life. I know because I’ve done it and I’ve helped countless other women do it as well.

I invite you to simply take the next step to claiming your purpose and peace by downloading the interview with me below about why you’re finding yourself in this turmoil, what you can expect to happen, and the steps you need to take to move through your midlife crisis and claim the greater joy and peace that lies on the other side.

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