“Finally, a place where you can discover a deep sense of fulfillment you’ve been longing for while abandoning the fear, frustration and overwhelm that’s kept you feeling like a prisoner.” 

By Bre Wolfe

You’re not alone…

Bre Wolfe Midlife Crisis Coach

Bre Wolfe Midlife Crisis Coach

I’m Bre Wolfe, The Midlife Crisis Coach For Women. It’s my purpose and mission to ensure that you live the best life possible. This site, it’s resources and my coaching are here to help you makes sense of the deep stirrings within that say something is missing.  I am here to help you get unstuck and instead, start living a life that’s truly yours. I am here to help you rediscover your voice and passion, and start living according to them.  You are meant to live an authentic, inspiring life that’s true to you!

I will support you in reclaiming your life so that you wake up in the morning excited to be alive and exhilarated at the thought of what the day holds for you. Together we will dismantle whatever is blocking your happiness. Together we will jump any hurdles that keep you from living a life that is true to you. I will be there as you take the tiny steps that bring you closer to the vision you have for yourself and your life. If you don’t know what that is–If you’re not clear, but know that on some level, you’re not as fulfilled or happy as you could be-I will guide you to finding what makes your heart sing.

This is a place for clarity, support, and empowerment.  Here you’ll find tools to help get you outside your head and into your heart where you’ll find inspired action for your life.  I’ll continually update this site or provide links to the latest scientific findings on what’s happening in your brain, your body, physically, psychologically and spiritually during a midlife crisis.

Armed with better information and insight, you’ll be prepared to make choices now that set you up for success, greater love, expansion and expression— the decisions you make now may have far reaching effects creating a positive tone for the rest of your life.


Dear Bre,

I wanted to let you know how much fruit our coaching has bared! Starting with my personal business–piano teaching it’s going very well. I have NINE new students this term! And I’m completely confident that when I come back in January I will have almost a full schedule! I’m also teaching two students who live by Richmond Park in this beautiful house with a grand Steinway piano looking out onto a garden…when I walked in it was incredible because it was very very much like the place I envisaged I wanted to teach in!

The other bit of news is that after having almost no contact with Ryan over the summer we got back in touch at the end of last month and are now back together! He is a different man – committed, clear about his feelings for me, communicative, affectionate…really it’s been a joy. And I know that I have learnt a great deal too. I think we are both very happy being back together and feel excited about the future. Ryans’ business is going very well, he is more confident about his music…All good stuff.

Also my yoga practice is going very well. I go regularly twice, sometimes 3 times a week. I look and feel really healthy and fit – probably the fittest I have ever been. The yoga is doing me so much good, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. Thank you so much for your beautiful energy this year. Really all of the above is a direct result of my work with you. I am so grateful for everything you have given me with so much grace.

Rachael Saitley

London, England

I met Bre in February of 2008, after I had gone through a horrible breakup with my boyfriend. I didn’t have the best of luck in the boyfriend area and I noticed that an unhealthy pattern existed for me, when it came to relationships. I was choosing wrongly. I sought Bre out because I was determined to put a stop to this spate of crazy relationships. I will never forget what Bre said to me when we first started this coaching relationship. She said, ” Arlene, by the end of our coaching relationship, I want you to be unrecognizable even to yourself “. This is exactly what has happened to me. I look back at the person that I was in 2008 and I don’t recognize that person. My growth has been exponential. The greatest lesson I learnt from Bre was the whole concept of self-love. I would hear about self-love but I didn’t really know what it meant. Throughout our coaching relationship, Bre helped me in learn how to establish healthy boundaries. Establishing healthy boundaries is a demonstration of self-love. This was one of my greatest weaknesses. People used to walk all over me. I was too nice and there were people who would take advantage of that. I no longer have a problem in this area and I have learnt to put myself first because I matter.

I now know my self worth, thanks to this coaching relationship. I think that’s the greatest lesson that anyone can learn from a coaching relationship Ðthe lesson of self-love, because once that has been established, everything else will fall into place.

Bre and I are currently working on the area of relationships and I see a change in myself in this area as well. In the past, I would simply be happy with the fact that someone showed interest in me and that in and of itself, was enough to win me over. I used to simply be happy that someone liked me and I never looked at how my interactions with this person, were going to affect me. I honestly wish that more people would take up life-coaching. It has been a life changing experience for me. I am so happy to have met Bre and I thank her for the work she is doing to transform people’s lives for the better.

~Arlene Methbani Sydney, Australia

After years of complaining about my family obligations, husband, career and where I live, I finally realized I was tired of listening to myself and I’m sure others were also. It finally dawned on me, that no one else was going to magically change my life and I had to do something about it myself.

Working with Bre was wonderful! She was able to help me redirect my energy to pinpoint the things that were important to me and she made me accountable for taking the steps to bring them into my life.

I still have the same family obligations, husband, career and living location, but I now look at them with new eyes, eyes of gratitude. I’ve been able to do this by adding other things that are important and meaningful to me. I now know how to give myself that things that make me fulfilled. Anytime I feel frustrated with life, I look at my action plan to see what I am NOT doing. With a few adjustments I get back on track and continue moving forward.

Thank you, Bre!

~Sandy Drahota, Leawood, KS

I knew nothing about life coaching…or that there was the possibility of living a more fulfilled life. I just believed I was supposed to get thru it the best I could and that it was a struggle…until I was blessed by Bre. She helped me identify all the things in my life that were making me feel unworthy. I would sabotage myself by not planning enough time in my day to take care of me. I wouldn’t plan my meals, then I’d eat terribly because I’d get so hungry. I wouldn’t take the time to put my clothes together and I was constantly running late. Then, I would make excuses for the way I looked the way I felt and for my home. Not anymore!! Now I take the time to plan, listen to me and show up for me. People continually compliment me on how good I look and it’s true–I’m glowing on the inside and it shows. I am ten times more peaceful, centered and because I’m caring for me, I have more confidence. Bre has shown me how truly amazing life is and that everyone has magnificence in them and everyone deserves to live their dreams. Each day is now a blessing and I look forward to the journey!

~Karen Bross, Phoenix, Arizona

My Personal Story

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in journalism-broadcasting from the Walter Cronkite School of Telecommunications at Arizona State University. I spent ten years in television news as a TV anchor, reporter and writer. Although, I thrived on the excitement, adrenaline and constant learning that came with the job, I became increasingly uncomfortable with propagating negativity, news as we know it now. I knew then I higher calling and a deeper calling but I still didn’t heed it.

In the course of pursuing the American Dream and having children, I lost sight of who I was. I had the pulse on what everyone around me wanted me to be and put all my energy into the role of best wife, mother, career gal and friend. But I stopped listening to myself and lost what it was that made me happy. I lost touch with my personal authentic voice. This turned into self loathing, sabotaging and depression.

In the end, after extensive self examination, prayer and deep personal work I made major changes. Using my inner wisdom as my guide. I began making new choices based on what truly felt congruent with all parts of me. I tried new things and re-embraced the things that I loved when I was younger.  I found new ways of expression and stayed with those that resonated and made me feel more alive and vibrant.

I have always been a voracious reader and contemplator, and realized early on that thoughts, words and action shape and create our reality. So I committed to speaking only words of truth that planted seeds of hope. I determined to focus on life’s’ possibilities and looked for what was working.  Most importantly I gave myself permission to focus on a desire, create it and live my life fully while I was alive!

In the course of my studies it became very clear that many women for a number of reasons, as they go through life, suffer a lost sense of identity,  I had a vision of changing supporting women through this challenge and enrolled at John F. Kennedy University in San Francisco where I received my Professional Life Coaching Certification.

I have always known that life was a great adventure. But my experiences taught me that to really be alive, I needed to take risks and follow my own voice to my bliss– not someone elses.

Today I am literally living the life of my dreams. I am completely debt free. My children are thriving. I am happily married to a man I adore. We divide our time between Hawaii and Arizona, when we are not traveling the world. My coaching clients hail from all over the globe and I am continually inspired by them. I regularly meditate, exercise and spend time in nature.

I wish for your inner world and your outer world to be congruent and in alignment with their highest good. Together we can support you in making your dreams come alive.

I know it’s possible because I myself, am living proof.

Having The midlife Crisis Coach for Women on your side can help make the changes that can seem scary, much less threatening.  In fact, The Midlife Crisis Coach can be the determining factor that helps unshackle you from locked in patterns and behaviors, freeing you to create and live a happy, fulfilling, authentic life.  (The life of your dreams.)  


Beware what you set your heart upon, for it surely shall be yours.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.
– Mevlana Rumi

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.
– Author Unknown

He who cherishes a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his heart, will one day realize it.
– James Allen

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.
– Marc Chagall