No One Owes You Anything

I a ready for coaching as my wife has now thrown out our 18yr old with her baby to the street… Help Please

Let’s Talk About Bad Habits

I need to loose weight, I need some plastic surgeries,
I need a new husband and a lover, a new wardrobe would be nice too

How To Stay Present and Why You Need To!

Ever catch yourself only half engaged in whatever you are doing? Only half listening to the person in front of you? Only half participating in the function you signed up for, only partly paying attention to the task at hand? In other words have you ever noticed how distracted your life is? Distractions are a…

When You Can’t Take It Anymore, Breathe

It doesn’t matter if you are going through a midlife crisis, a bad day or even a good day.  Full deep breaths are one of the quickest ways to regain a deeper sense of clarity and balance. Actually you don’t need to wait until you can’t take it anymore..start now, where you are, start breathing….


Are you on a roller-coaster of conflicting wants and  desires?    Maybe you start a diet, or vow to stop doing something that isn’t serving you, only to find yourself doing the very same thing you swore off the next evening.  When we find ourselves in destructive patterns it’s a pretty good indicator that something larger is operating…