Why Should Midlife Crisis Coaching Be Important To You?

midlife crisis womenCrisis Coaching is important when you’re going through a midlife crisis because it can save you time from experiencing unnecessarily long periods of emotional distress and support your overall emotional well being quickly.

I provide you with resources and tips here at the site which allow you to begin a certain part of this healing journey on your own. For some people these resources are enough to help them find their way and begin their journey towards self discovery and wholeness. Others may require and prefer a more hands on approach to support them in integrating the qualities necessary to move successfully through their crisis.

You can accomplish your desired outcomes much more quickly and efficiently by having a midlife crisis coach guide you through the necessary steps towards greater inner peace, joy and happiness. The key is you’ll know exactly who you are and where you’re heading in in a shorter period of time than if you didn’t have a coach!

Without coaching, it could take you months or even years of bouncing around from concept to concept, never really finding your core self or direction in life. Many women never really discover what it is they need in order to feel that deep sense of security within that supports and nurtures them towards greater fulfillment in life.

What is it costing you by not closing this gap and taking care of yourself in terms of your:

  • Physical health and well being?
  • The quality of your relationships with your spouse/partner or family?
  • And ultimately what could it cost you in lost time and money?

You can never truly get the years back that you lose by remaining unhappy, unclear or depressed. Coaching can help you glide through the obstacles and challenges you face both externally and internally.

What Is Mid Life Crisis Coaching?

Having a coach is having someone who has, not only experience, but proven tools to help you move through your inner and exterior obstacles.  It is like having a personal life trainer.

A good example is, it’s like having your own physical work-out trainer. Someone who shows you every step of the way, what you need to do to shed weight and get in shape, so that you can reveal the attractive, beautiful body that’s always been there. Only in this case, we’re teaching you how to work with and shed all of your unwanted negative mental and emotional feelings that you feel trapped by. This will uncover your strengths and talents and will lead you to a life you design!

My coaching helps you:

  1. Get in touch with what you truly want on a deep emotional level!
  2. Take action to uncover and develop necessary skills to get what you want!
  3. Set up new structures and supports so that you keep on living your life proactively, always showing up for you, putting your best foot forward and living your best life!

Imagine the power of having control over every one of your choices, including your emotional state and how you perceive your emotions, so that you feel empowered, alive and in charge of your life. A coach can help you achieve these results and more in a shorter and more concise time frame than you can on your own. It’s like having a life map, so you know how to get from here to there. Rather than going around in circles, hoping your find your destination.

How Does Coaching With Bre Work?

Together you and I will have sessions, which help you obtain greater clarity around what’s keeping you unhappy, confused, overwhelmed and at times feeling defeated. You will experience greater insight around who you are, what your life is currently demonstrating and how you can create your life, so that it demonstrates what you want in all area’s.

Working with me can either be in-person, over the phone, or by Skype.  I supply you with a work book/guidebook to record each session and action step we take together—You will be given tools to track your progress and support you as we complete each exercise with each call.

My fees include email support throughout the week as you take your action steps and for additional support and encouragement.  Each step we take, focuses on letting go of behaviors that disempower you and replacing them with empowering behaviors that get you where you want to go, experiencing what you want to experience.

Here’s What To Do Next…

To see if a coaching relationship is right for you, click on the link below to complete your strategy session form in order to schedule a Midlife Crisis Strategy Session. Please answer each question to the best of your ability and my assistant will reach out to you generally within 24 hours to schedule a phone or Skype strategy  session.

Strategy Sessions are generally 30 minutes and they ensure that a coaching relationship is right for you.

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